Success stories from Our Customers.

Neil Pasha

The service was excellent. Everything was clearly explained from the outset. The key to keeping me happy is good communication, this was done very well.


We have used 1CLIQUE CONSULTANCY services to assist finding the property for my niece and we think it is excellent. It was tremendously helpful to have your expert perspective and it would have been enormously time-consuming for us to attempt to duplicate the service for ourselves, and we would have had much less confidence in the result.

Anand Mehta

We can’t tell you how perfect your service was. We only had a short time and everything was wonderful from beginning to end.


Thank you so much for all your help over the last months. Excellent service and great value as well. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone.

Kate & Ravish

You performed spectacularly. We found just the right property, secured and executed the deal thanks to your excellent stewardship. Your service was professional at all times. You were extremely knowledgeable about the area. In hindsight, I would have happily paid more for your services.

R Singh

You are very professional, we rate your service as excellent. We definitely received value for money.

Ashita Shetty

You do such an excellent job of helping people like me. I was very impressed with your ability to quickly zero in on what was right for me.

Steve Clogstoun

I was so impressed by the way you made sure absolutely everything was on point. Customer service was second to none. You always made sure that i was aware of every single step of this process. This, for me was most important factor. Thank you so much for all your hard work , but also your professionalism through each step of the this process. I would highly recommend 1Clique Consultancy to anyone thinking of availing these services.

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