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1Clique consulting services came in existence in response to market demand to assist our clients in maximizing the value of their real estate assets. We recognize the complex and unique nature of real estate. We offer a variety of consulting services such as land acquisition and disposition strategy, project management services such as entitlements, sales and marketing and quote comparison, negotiation, market studies and development management.

Our team of industry professionals come with decades of experience handling complex real estate issues. We can bring about the best results for you in the most cost efficient and timely manner.

We will tailor a Scope of Services to meet your individual goals and address cost structure on a case-by-case basis. We understand that each client’s situation is different. We offer flexible payments structures to meet your needs.

NO. We handles the entire spectrum of real estate assets from individual properties, parcels in rural areas up to large, master-planned communities to include both for-sale multi-family projects to property development.

Our team’s expertise includes the entire Victoria.


Our consultant will meet with you to discuss your needs, goals and objectives. The next step will be to specifically assess your requirements highest and come up with an investment strategy for you.

Yes, we expert in recognizing and helping you achieve your property’s full market potential. We have an extensive network of engineers, land planners, land use attorneys, tax attorneys, finance advisors and other real estate professionals to ensure your project’s success.

Simply put, your bottom line. We experience in maximizing property values for our clients. You may be able to find a buyer/seller, but we specialize in achieving the best price and terms possible. We actively market your property requirements in our wide network and then represents you in all negotiations, protecting your best interests. Let us help you get the most out of it. Competition in the marketplace by buyers/sellers drives property values up.

Land and property sales/purchase is an inherently complex business. Even the most sophisticated parties turn to us when they are looking to buy and sell real estate.
If you are selling or buying property, you will want an expert to help you overcome the many hurdles that will lie in your path. For example, selling land for its highest value and best use will usually entail getting property rezoned and engineered – often a very lengthy and time-consuming process. It will also mean identifying the most capable buyer – the one with the best combination of financial wherewithal and political savvy. The right buyer will assemble the best team of consultants (engineers, attorneys, architects, environmental consultants, public relations professionals, lenders, etc.) that are needed to get you to the finish line. We have a proven track record of meeting clients’ goals, overcoming challenges and knowing the correct advisors to bring into the process. Finding the right buyer/seller is only part of the equation. Assisting both the seller and buyer in assembling the right comprehensive team is crucial to your success.

After analysing your property requirements and assessing the market, our professionals can give you a realistic time frame in which you can expect us to find the right buyer/seller at the right price.


Our team assists clients with the placement of equity financing. The sources of capital are varied and provide acquisition, permanent and ground-up construction financing.

The financing process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months, depending on the complexity of the project and the number of investors and lenders involved.

Our capital sources consist of institutional lenders, private lenders and investors.